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My RF build

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so i am finally getting around to posting my progress of my RF build. i am using an old air compressor tank. the tank is 5 feet long and 20 inches in diameter. it was a slow build until the last couple of weeks, i have been going into work to try and get it done soon. i was going to build a normal side fire box smoker, but after reading about RF's i decided to build one. i figured i might as well make it to where i wont need to change it later. 


it's not completely done yet, but its getting there. hope you guys like it



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i need to finish the doors, make i grate for the fire box, make a side door and vent in the fire box, a chimney, and a couple racks and that should be it. unless i decide to make more changes. and paint of course

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Nice choice on making it a RF, you won't regret it.


Nice workmanship as well. Great job.

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