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UDS question.

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I'll be pulling out the UDS today to do a rack of ribs for the wife and some beans for me.  Then last night I found bone in chicken breast than I want to try.


Ribs I go by look and feel and the beans, well, it seems as if I can take those off after 1 or 5 hours and they are always good.


But I don't even have a guess on how long the chicken will take.  Do you guys have any idea?  Or do I try to take an internal temp?


As a side note, I still like my UDS and I think during winter it will come in handy.  But I still like my side firebox smoker better.  Yes, it is much tougher to keep a consistent temp but my family and I agree that the flavor is better frpm the side firebox than the UDS.


I use the exact same lump and apple wood in both smokers.  So I have no idea why.

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Do the chicken by temp. It needs to be 165 in the thickest part of the breast.

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Definitely go by internal temp.


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