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more smoked salmon Q-view

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so I decided since I already started salmon this weekend I grabbed the smoked salmon recipe from bearcarver who is my new hero lol. and here it is out of the brine after six hrs now in the fridge





will ad more tomorrow but looks good I think for my first smoked salmon



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Looks good so far!

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I went with Bear's tutorial also and just loved it. Anxious to see the end results. drool.gif

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Looks good. I need to try Bears recipe some day as well.

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Man, you're on a roll now.

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Looking good!!!




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Alright here is the finished product it looks great I think.





tried to break the end off lol




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Great looking salmon, that would last about a minute around me. drool.gif

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Thank you it was my first smoked salmon it was soooooooo much fun man I love smokin

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Awesome, salmon is a big favorite around here!

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Looks fabulous! Bear will be proud of you.

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Very nice looking salmon.  I am looking for a good sale and that one will be working soon.


Good luck and good smoking.

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thanks guy's it was a lot of fun

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