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Youngest Son's First BuckBoard Bacon

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Had Rob come over to the house toting a pork butt he and a friend bought, wanting to make buckboard bacon out of it.  He boned it out and divided it himself, mixed up the pickle and put it down in the brine for a 10 day soak.   Come a Saturday he wanted to smoke it but I had to work all day, so he did the honors, 1st time by himself.  I hung it for him and snapped a couple pics before leaving for work, he came over a couple hours later and started the smokehouse and babysat it, adding chunks every hour and monitoring the internal temp until it hit 152°, then pulled it out just before I got home; final pics of it on the block!  He was quite proud of his handiwork and toted it off for he and his buddy to split and devour!










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Looks great!


Did ya get a taste of it?



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Looks Great!!!!


Chip off the old block, as another generation is added to the long history of perfecting meat preparation !


I guess you neglected to tell him how much we like a pic or two of slices????




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Very cool that you keep the tradition going!!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Looks great Pops! What was the cure recipe you used? Sounds like it was a liquid one.

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Great post Pops. Neat to see the next generation getting into smoking and making bacon

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Looks great as allwaysdrool.gifgreat color.

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Yes, beautiful color on that.  Congrats Pops!


Good luck and good smoking!

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The small piece in the lower left was a sample for me to try, he took the rest and they were going to slice it and BBQ it on the grill at the party they were going to; no doubt as the compliment to the cold frosty beverages they were serving, lol!  I called him a few days later and he said it was perfect, everyone enjoyed it tremendously!

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looks great...........but i would expect no less from someone lucky enough to have you as a resource!

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The brine was 1 cup salt, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup brown sugar, 1 tbsp. DQ Cure #1, and 1 gallon of water.  For myself, I cut the salt down to as much as ¼ the amount. 

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Thanks for your recipe .I  will have to copy it down.

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