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Sounds like a nice time Rick,  get out and relax a while,  you work too hard!  It looks like we will still have some bison but Bob was able to find rabbit at $ 6.50 a lb so we will be looking at taster plates of Bison, Rabbit, Boyko's selection of sausages, Bobdog's alligator sausage, maybe some chicken wings  what ever happens to find it's way on the smoker.



Shooter if we cut the amount of bison down to 4 or 5 lbs what would you add to the main meal to replace it?  Or should you add something to the main meal?  Maybe some chuckie or cluckie?



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I think we would have enough meat w/o adding to feed the masses. butts and briskey and sausage . Bunny and /or buff for tasting plus sides .

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I guess not having enough food won't be a consideration.  Sometimes I cook as if everyone eats like a hungry Cajun.  And that's just Saturday's dinner I'm sure we'll have food left over from Thursday's and Friday's cooks.

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Joe,  my pm isn't working properly.


I think the quantities of breakfast. jalapeno and kielbasa is pretty close with the crowd we are expecting  I will have more butt in the freezer if our numbers change.


I would use the ShooterRick recipe for breakfast sausage without the mace?  I think it is mace I leave out for ABTs     never done turtles so I guess I can use the same sausage as the ABTs.  we may go with Pineywoods version and use little smokies instead of the fresh sausage and then just use fresh sausage for the turtles.


Boykjo has offered to do a sausage making demo if anyone is interested.  Let us know and he'll do 5 lbs worth probably Saturday am, smoke an serve with dinner.


Not to far out and looking forward to having everyone over.  Bob and his wife came over this weekend and we now have a pretty good handle on the menu and site layout.  It's not to late to let us know to leave the light on for you.  We have plenty of camping room and nearby hotels.  The food will be a mixture of Cajun and your old favorites so if your not real keen on Butt there will be brisket, a large variety of sausages, chicken wings, buffalo kabobs, rabbit, maybe some leftover Gator Sauce Piquant hanging around  Don't think anyone will go away hungry  Bob is frying oysters Friday night and serving onion rings, hush puppies, maybe some cracklings and some of Michael Ark's special smoked chicken.


The ladies have great breakfasts planned for Saturday and Sunday morning,  I'd make the drive just to eat breakfast!




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I am still coming and look forward to meeting you and everyone else.That being said my wife grand pa has gotten worse.The V.A has assigned hospice now.We hope for the best he is a tough old man.He was a P.O.W of Korean war for over 2 years in their camp.This has put a hitch in our plans that can not be easily be fixed.

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Next year this is on my things to do list I am just a short drive to LA

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Look forward to seeing both of you,  all the best to your grand father Michael Ark.  If we have as much fun at the SELA get together as we are having planning it then I look forward to seeing both of you next year!

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After you guys left Liz asked if she could do a coconut cake. She's not much of a cook but she does do a good coconut cake.  I know we have bread pudding planned for Saturday night so I asked her to plan on a couple for Friday night.  Would you please put it on the menu.

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Got it on the menu .

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 I dont think we talked breakfast for fri The 28th how many do you think we will have at that time?

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I think Breakfast Burritos will be fine for Friday AM.  Like Sheri said the left over meat, cheese and vegs can go into the garbage grits.  I think we can also have something lighter because of the huge breakfasts planned Saturday and Sunday.  I have all those blueberries in the freezer so I may make some blueberry buckwheat pancakes with blueberry syrup or a pot of oatmeal with blueberry and peach compote.  Lets see.   As good as the fajitas where Saturday, I'm still eating those peppers 68.gif


Did you pick up the 20 lbs of wings?

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Rouses had rabbit,  picked up 10 lbs so please take it of the list.  Next thing to find is alligator

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I will be bringing about 15lbs of smoked alligator sausauge.

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Originally Posted by bobdog46 View Post

I will be bringing about 15lbs of smoked alligator sausauge.

awesome bobdog.......icon14.gif


Hey al.... do you have some Tender quick....I would bring some but it would look like I have a bag of cocaine in my carry on.... might get delayed with a cavity search........roflmao.gif


If not, can you see if some one can bring some..... wont need much....

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I'll pick up some Tenderquick.  Shouldn't have any trouble finding it.  If I do I'll get with you about bringing some down with you.   

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I picked up a couple of pounds of alligator tail at Rouses this morning.  I will probably smoke it for an hour or two then put into a Sauce Piquant. Please take it off the groucery list and don't forget your rice cooker!  Alligator Sauce Piquant and toasted garlic bread.  Now that's good eating.  I'll make enough for Thursday dinner and have enough for our friends coming in from out of town to have a good tasting during the weekend.


I also bought a small bag of TQ for Boykjo's sausages.

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I think with the variety we have I would just add another brisket to compliment the bison.  That way it will be easy to time everything on my smoker to being done about the same time.  I am still sore from the vacation and looking forward to SELA now.  Need to go back to work to get some rest!  LOL

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The brisket will be fine, I may have a chuckie sitting in freezer if we have a good turnout. .

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Oh, and welcome back,  glad you had a nice time



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I missed joe needing TQ i have a couple bags here.


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