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Pork Strip Question

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Hey all, i picked up some pork strips this week at the local grocery and i am going to make them for mothers day.  I was wondering if i should cook them with the 3-2-1 method or how i should go about them.  I have the time to smoke them so i would prefer that over grilling them any day.  Thank you,



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The search tool is your friend!! 


 Have a great day!!





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only thing thats showing up is a whole loin.  These are strips.  So thats why i was asking.  They are almost like country style ribs. So i figured i could do a 3,2,1 method.

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I would do a 1-1-½ @ 250º for CSR's

If it's loin, it can get dry.

I would wrap in bacon and then do the 1-1-½

Hope this helps


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alright, im also doin a rack of baby backs so i should prolly do the loin strips while im doing that 2 hour smoke period and check them an hour in when i spritz the baby back ribs

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Sounds like you got a plan,

I think it will work out fine!

Just post some pics for us  sausage.gif

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ya i will try to grab some pics for people.  i just dont wanna over cook the loin strips

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Once they hit 165º they are done,

That's when there best

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how does that meat compare to rib meat? are they pretty close?

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Rib meat has more fat, which keeps it moist.

Loin has very little, if any fat, which makes it very dry and tough.

Especially on a long smoke

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alright thank you very much.  Some of these have a good amount of fat on them so i might leave some in and do a 2,2,1 method, but most i will just take out at the safe temp.  The package just says pork strips so honestly im not sure where at on the pig they r from.

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Fat is your friend,Unless your a cardiologist  icon_cry.gif

Just stay with the safe temp and you'll be fine,

This smokin' thing isn't that hard once you get the hang of it!

Good luck my friend  grilling_smilie.gif

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Thank you, i appreciate all your help

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Don't mention it,

That's what were here for.



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Don't forget the Q-view!

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