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This week's stupid question

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So far, everything you all have recommended has worked great plus a few "experiments" of mine the last few weeks came out better than expected.


But, now for mothers day I plan on doing a couple pork loins, thinning them out a bit, fill with a few different ingredients, then roll back up, tie it into place and to the smoker.



However, I have no idea what string to tie it closed with...What is recommended that will not burn up and cause the loins to unroll?



Thanks gents!

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It's called butcher's string. Walmart sells it.

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Most grocery stores have it in the section with cooking supplies

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Well, I knew it had to be different than regular string.....I KNEW it was gonna be a dumb question!


I found some at the local hardware store that sells grill/smoking equipment.



thanks guys!

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Yep.  Butchers twine.  No need to worry about burning at smoking temps.


Good luck and good smoking!

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I use regular string you buy at the hardware store...........I dont see a difference. Like a cotton swab is called a Q-tip


Correct me if I'm wrong on this people..............



The only stupid question here is one that is not asked.................

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As long as it's cotton.

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Your right any 100% cotton string will work. Just make sure it's thick enough.

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Any cotton string would work at smoking temps because burning is not a problem.  The buchers twine is thicker and much easier to work with, though.  It is also very useful in the garden and for many other applications as well.  However you decide to go, make sure it is cotton or another natural fiber.


Good luck and good smoking!



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Just ask the butcher for some, that's what I do. Just get it wet first it will pull tighter. 

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yup just ask your local butcher for some.

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No such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answers!  Don't ever hesitate to ask, it's the only way you will know and with the breadth and depth of people on here, someone will have the correct answer, plus we will all learn from it!


I did a thread several years a go on how to tie a butcher's knot; it has an extra loop in it so it won't loosen up on you, it cinches tight, then a half loop to lock it; here's the thread:


pics are a little fuzzy but it should give you the right idea on how to do it!  Thank you for the opportunity to be able to help!


You want to get 30 ply butcher's twine if possible; 20 or 24 will work too.

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