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Is there a quick way to season a wsm and how to do it? Thanks
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First let me say that some of the guys will tell you that since the WSM has a porcelain finish it doesn't need seasoning. I would do it anyway. It will help you see how to adjust the vents & kind of give you a trial run, and it will put a nice coating on the inside. Just spray the inside with Pam or take a paper towel soaked in cooking oil & wipe the inside with that. Then fire it up. Use a full chimney of lit charcoal & a couple of wood chunks & let her go. I just left all the vents open to see how hot I could get it. After the coals start to burn down add some fresh unlit coals, close down the bottom vents some. I run mine with 2 vents closed & 1 about 25% open. Then smoke something. I would do something easy like a fattie or some ABT's. Good luck, I'm sure your going to like your WSM.

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The quickest way that I have found to season a smoker is USE it.

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X2 what AL said icon14.gif

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I don't know anything about a WSM, but what ever Al says has to be right.

Al Knows His WSM !




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