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Well, trying yard birds in my MES for the first time. Three yard birds three different ways. Yard bird#1(top)has been in a brine over night and is rubbed with my Greek seasoning.

 has been in a brineha     ,Yard bird #2(lower left in picture) is injected with my own recipe. Yard bird #3(lower right) is injected with Tony's.  The taste test should be in another hour or so.

2011-05-01 14.45.22.jpg

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Looks like your off to a Great start!!! Can't wait for the money shots. icon14.gif

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Looking forward to seeing the results

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Love to watch these experiments!

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You are not going to believe this, but I was sitting at the table with guest eating the juicest chicken I have ever eaten, when I remembered I didn't take any pics of the finished yard birds. By then all I had left to take pics of were bones. Sorry guys. But they all turned out great, so juicey and tender, as I sliced the breast the juices were clearly visible in both. We didn't eat bird #2, I made it without any salt for my uncle who is on low sodium diet( even used unsalted butter) he lives in the neighborhood, but from the reports this morning he loved it.

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You know what we say JW



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What Al said.

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How ya like the MES?


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love the MES, with the addition of the A-Maze-N it is a set it and forget it smoker. Didn't use the A-Maze-N for these chickens, the MES makes plenty of smoke with out it over 200deg., just had to add a few chips during the 3 hours and 50min.After years of wood burning and adjusting draft I love the MES.

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