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I wanted to say a huge thank you too all here for the great advice. I would also like to shake the hand of the person who figured out that the brinkman uprights work better with the vegetable bbq cooker works better as a fire box cause my grillpro is the same smoker and I bought one yesterday wow what a difference. had 8 for bbq today smoked lot's of ribs and beans sorry no q-view camera got dropped yesterday and is in getting fixed but I finally finished a smoke without my oven thanks to that mod and it was great. I (though long winded today lol) am saying thanks to all some of you help directly others like to share info it is just a great site proud to be a member.




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Welcome to SMF Jeff. Glad to hear that you were able to get the information on here that helped you elevate your smoking potential. We will forgive you for no qview this time police2.gif


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Glad everything worked for you. That's what SMF is all about.

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