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Whats on the Bottom??

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Thinking about doing a Mod to my MBS 30" with digital controls.  Does anyone know if there is anything on the bottom of these units that could be damaged if you made a four inch hole right in the center? 


Thanks,  Jason

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I don't think so -- the wiring goes down the back side.  There is probably some insulation sandwiched between two pieces of metal, but that should be it.


Curious as to why you want a hole in the bottom.

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I'd like to know too. This should be interesting.

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Thanks guys!  The reason I ask is when I first started smoking a few years ago I did some smokes with a chargriller with a side fire box.  I liked the flavor the charcoal gave the meat.  The meat coming from the MES is great, at least a nine out of ten, but miss the other flavor at times.  What I am thinking about doing is building a containment box to set the MES on and connect the two with about a three or four inch vent pipe.  Have a sealed door on it so I could set up a minion (sp) method charcoal burner and have it partially heat the MES, maybe only to 150 or so, and then the MES could control it to my final set point.   mainly looking for a way to get the flavor and smoke ring with out the temp baby sitting problems that I had with just charcoal alone.  I really like putting meat in the MES and knowing that it is cooking at 225 and not be worried about wind or other factors. 

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veerrrry to see how that turns out


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