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Pellets in a Propane Smoker?

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I've been looking for some new flavors to try and smoke with.  I ran across BBQr's Delight (


I have a Smoke Hollow 34" upright propane smoker and have always used woodchips.  Looking for input as to the use of Pellets in my smoker/smokers like it.  Do the pellets work, how fast do they burn, etc?



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This question was posted before, by me, because I was interested in using pellets. The consesus was it should work ok but be careful of the pellets used & check ingredients. The pellets should be actual wood of the flavor mentioned and not just have flavoring added. Here's the link.... .

I have since decided to go with the AMNS. Great gadget with loads of flavors to choose from, takes the guesswork outta it and works like a charm for both cold and hot smokes. Haven't thought about pellets since....

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You live very close to me my friend!

What flavors are you looking for?


Pellets can burn up quickly, because they're compressed sawdust.

If you're looking to try some out, I just got 1/2 ton in and would offer you a couple pounds to try for "Free"


PM me and we can hook up








No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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