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MES 30 wiring diagram not available

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While trying to figure out how to install a dimmer switch on my MES 30, I e-mailed Masterbuilt.

Fortunately I figured out what I needed to know before receiving this e-mail.

I understand the proprietary components need security.



To: Customer Service
Subject: Wiring diagram
Would you please e-mail me an electrical wiring diagram for the

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 30.
Good Afternoon,
Unfortunately that is patent information and we cannot give out that information. Please let us know if we can be any further assistance.
Masterbuilt Customer Service 
1 Masterbuilt Court, Columbus, GA 31907
Toll Free: 800.489.1581? Fax: 706.660.8022
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They say it is patent related.  I'm thinking a liability issue?  You modify their smoker.  You fry yourself. Your wife sues them for wrongful death.


Good luck and good smoking!

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I have the actual wiring diagram here somewhere for the MES 30...can't remember who I got it from..but I do have it..if you need it.




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Ah...found ya go:






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