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finally decided!!!!

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Hey everyone...after careful consideration and reading several of the suggestions offered by the wonderful people on this forum I pulled the trigger and ordered the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker!!!!!!!  It arrives in about 3 days and the wife and I can't wait!


Thanks for all the help from everyone on made the decision an easy one!!!

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Well congrats on the new smoker and all. Now I hope you got the big block (24" model) but if you didnt you will have a great first smoker. I have the smaller one and it was one of my first real smoker not a grill used as a smoker. I try my best to ware it out and it took a few years to do it too. Now I use it just for low temp smoking of sausages and bacons but it is still in use just not everytime I use a smoker. I have 2 others that I use alot more now.

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congrats on the smoker  i got the same one  big block  first thing you gotta do is get a thermometer.   The pretty one on the door is about 20 degrees off  but it looks nice!  Other than that it is a great smoker  very easy to use and cranks out as much food as you need

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Grats on the WSM! You will really like how east the WSM's are to use, did you get the 18.5" or the 22.5" model?

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I think you will be pleased with the WSM. I bought mine 2 weeks ago, and figured it out in no time. I did some pretty tasty Q without any prior experience on a smoker. I love my WSM!

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Great choice! Congrats!

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