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First Smoke with the new WMS

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Hey all,


Sorry no q-view with this internet just won't allow me to load pictures.


I thought I would let everyone know that I took my new 22.5" WMS for a test run today and I have to say, it was AWESOME!!!


I was smoking some chicken wings as an appetizer for a family get together on Easter, so I used a really small load of coals, not even a third of the way up the ring.


I used the Minion method waited for the smoker to heat up, which it did in about 20 - 30 minutes.  The highest temp I got after that was about 245, which was perfect.


Here is the best part...I only adjusted the vents once!  ONCE!!!!  Sure it was a short smoke, but just for fun I left the smoker going and it maintained the temp for 5 hours on the smalles load of coals I have ever used for any smoke.


Last year I almost went broke buying charcoal.  The WMS is going to save me money and make my smokes more enjoyable.


Ribs next weekend for Trevor's 12th birthday.  There will be Q-VIEW for the next one.


By the way, the wings turned out great.  I used my variation of Jeff's rub recipe, and my own bbq sauce with some melted butter and Frank's red hot for the wing sauce. (Thanks for the tip Jeff).


Any way...I am a true blue WMS fan from here out.  Is anyone interested in a one year old CharGriller offset?


Have a great weekend.  I'll be back next week to show you the ribs. 

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Sounds like a good smoke.

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Woot! Glad it worked out good for you PG, the WSM is a really great smoker.

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Great job on your first time out. Now you know why the WSM is such a popular smoker.

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Congrats on the WSM and the first smoke on it

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Yep,these things are much better than a CG in my opinion and the 22.5 holds a bunch of food,I had (4) 5lb birds,a 3lb fattie,6 turkey legs and 2 dozen ABT's on it at one time.

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Congrats on the smoke !

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