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bradley trouble

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brand new bradley $300 + and i am on my 5 smoke and the darn door fell off. plastic crap around the door just shattered. be very careful before you buy. dont find out the hard way like i did. very disappointing. th_crybaby2.gif

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Sorry about that JD. Now what? Will Bradley replace it?

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will have to wait till tomorrow. i sent them an email today. it really doesnt matter if they replace it. the same plastic crap will break again and again.


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I try to warn everyone I can about those things but nobody listens. 


I had the 6 rack digital and it was a P.O.S.


I used it twice and sold it for a $350.00 loss... 


I never could get the inside temp over 200º.


Masterbuilt MES40" is the only way to go...

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watch craiglist for bradley smoker. once replacement parts arrive this thing is getting listed asap. good deal with great loss by original owner.

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Welcome to the Club...  Sorry you had to join...


The Bradley Misfits Club...

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I think this is the same guy on bradley forum. If it is Bradley sent a new door, gasket,and plastic piece. It was broke in shipping. He got back on and said he was happy with excellent service and was smoking.  Heard they have a new company for their heating elements and are shipping them now. Guess they got some bad ones.

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