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smoking pork shoulder, stuck in 'danger zone'

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i am smoking a 10lb pork shoulder...i injected it (first time i've ever done this) and have been cooking for 4 hours at 240degrees to insure the shoulder will get out of the danger zone within 4 hours...only problem is, i'm at 4 hours and the shoulder is only at 131 i in trouble here?

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Depends. Are you sure your thermometer is accurate? Are you near the bone? try moving it to a different location also you can check it in boiling water to see if its spot on. I would check that first and go from there. I suspect it wont take long to get past 140 if the thermometer is correct.


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Like bmudd said check the thermometer. Do you have a therm on the grate to make sure you are at 240? What kind of smoker do you have? If you find that you haven't gotten through the danger zone in time after checking the therm for accuracy, I would not take a chance on eating it. This is why a lot of us don't inject or probe large cuts of meat until they have been in the smoker for a few hours.. It eliminates this kind of problem.

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Sure hope it turns out ok for ya


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