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need emergency help

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Your mission if you choose to except it!!!


So my brother called me and............

Has a 9 lbs prime rib roast   Might be still frozen in the center.


smoking in a green egg @ 225 (or other sugestion)


Has 6 hours to have it RARE..


Please advise


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fire it up!! should be fine!! temp sounds good!! keep us posted!

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thats what i told him. start is at 225 and if you need to cut it in half later, we will burn that bridge when we come to it.

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Advice is to get a thermometer that you know is good and smoke it to 135° internal at the center of the roast.

 wrap in foil and a towel  and into an ice chest for an hour minimum.  Cooking by time really will not work if you are looking for a certian doneness.

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If you want it rare pull it at 120-125. Here's one I pulled at 125, then let it rest in foil until it hit 135. Then sliced it.


4-17-11 12.JPG

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Update: it turned out surprisingly good. I think being cold in the middle caused the outside well done area to extend farther into the center. But i think thats to be expected
Anyway, Thanks for the replies.
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Glad it turned out good.

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