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My first ABT's

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Close up.jpg

Pan of what was left.jpg

Well today I guess I am on a roll. I fired up the smoker and had to give the ABT's a try. So this is what it turned out to look like.




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looks good....that's all you made?? everybody else gonna eat

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You'll be hooked on those now!! So good and easy to make!

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Those look great! My wife is so hooked on them now I even have to make them in the oven because she asks for them everyday. They are better smoked but are pretty good in the oven also.

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Chef that is what is remaining  after I took them off and had dug into them then I recalled I better get some pix or it never took place. Man they are good.


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Congrats they look awesome they may have been the first but I'll bet they won't be the last biggrin.gif

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Looks delicious!!!



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Great Looking ABTs...

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Tasty looking abts....Now you did it!!! you're hooked now!!

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Nice looking ABT's Fife.

Happy smoking,
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Great job Fife. It will be hard to fire up the smoker from now on without including a few ABT's.

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Your ABT's look great,

I luv 'em

Great job Fife

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Yes sir!  They look delicious. I have to ty that soon too.

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They look great!!!!! what was your filling made from ??? I just love those things...

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