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Add Coffee Beans to the wood chips

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I saw this on a food network show.

A guy was smoking pork chops with Apple Wood chips and then about a 1/4 cut of coffee beans.

I think it is a great idea and I am going to try it on Sunday.

Anyone ever try this before?



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never tried it but let us know how it comes out.


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New one on me.Let us know how it worked.Hum smoked coffee beans?

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Yes keep us upto date on how this works.


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I've used coffee in my rubs before but never used the beans for smoke! Very interesting,I'll be waiting to hear how it worked out!!

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I am a coffee roaster and I would not add beans to heat to smoke. They will burn and create an acrid smoke. I agree with adding coffee to a rub and have done it many times with great success.

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After some thought, I decided to try out the smoke before I put in the pork chops.

So I used about 1/4 c of coffee beans in with maple wood chips.

Smoke smelled very nice, I think it will work well.

I wouldn't use just coffee beans but with the wood it should work out well.

The coffee beans did burn , but stayed whole.


Chops are in brine, tommorows the day.


Happy Easter.

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Good luck, I think it souds like it'd be worth trying. th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Results are in.

Coffee beans in with the wood chips, not a bad idea, but not something I would do every day.

The flavour was a bit bitter, and there was a hint of coffee flavour.


I think they turned out good, and I will do it again. Maybe with pork loin. I wouldn't do it with something sweet, like bacon, or ham.


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Sounds like a cool idea. Maybe less is more with something like that

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So you put maple wood chips with 1/4 cup of whole beans or grounds
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