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What to do with Jimmy?

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Last week I was smoking a few chickens and threw on three chubs of JD sausage. I vacuum sealed the chubs after smoking and put in the freezer. Is there anything special you guys do with the sausage other than slice and reheat? Thanks.



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We usually stuff & wrap them with a bacon weave before smoking. Then I slice them up before freezing & when I want a snack I'll take a slice heat it & put it in one of those little Hawaiian rolls.

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I like the sound of that Al, great idea, I'm going to have to go to two a day workouts if I keep hanging around these forums.icon_confused.gif



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Mix it with some cream cheeese and shove it in a Jap Pepper wrapped in bacon!!!!!

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Here's a Wiki on fatty's, a popular food source for us smokers.

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Sure sounds good.


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