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weekend smoke plans

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hi all.....


well, i think i got in mind what im gonna smoke this weekend.


first up, im thinkin some good BB's, and im gonna make BR's blackberry chipotle BBQ sauce i found this week on here....i love blackberries, so i cant resist. the ribs are gonna be just a vessel...haha. not much advice needed for ribs, pretty standard round my house. the sauce is whats gonna be unique for me.


second....i am going to attempt my first fatty. ive never done one of these, so advice would be helpful. im thinking of using a hotter sausage, and stuffing with provolone, pepperoni, basil, and some pineapple. ive been thinking of one of these for a while, and have read plenty of threads. and advice you want to offer will be greatly appreciated.


i may also end up doing a rib roast since they are on sale, and its been a popular trend here lately, i wanna give it a try.....but, bein easter and plans on sunday...may just have too much food. think ill take advantage of the sale, and get it in the freezer.



ill be posting plenty of qview starting tomm night id say, and all day saturday. supposed to be a nasty weekend, glad im set up in my garage now. so, pull up a seat and lets eat......:)

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Sounds good. as for me, I am going to do a BB and some meatloaf. Going to be nice here this weekend, so I am going to take advantage of it.

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Sounds like a great plan that should keep you busy. ENJOY


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Looking forward to the Q-view!

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I am doing a 8lb Butt and a Pork Loin right now. They have been on for 2 hrs.  Raining here right now...Good day for smoking..

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Air, smoking air. :)

Just got a used Weber Performer so this weekend is learning how to control her. If I do well on Sat. maybe get some meat on there Sun.


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well, had an interesting weekend weather wise. had some major storms roll through, sirens and all. but....i got some of my cooking done. did a couple fatties and a shoulder for eggrolls....but, havent pulled the pork yet.










ingredients for the pulled pork......nothing unusual here.






rubbed down and into the fridge













after an hour or two in the smoker......didnt get any finished pics of this....well, cause i havent yet...haha. prob have some eggroll pics in the next few days.








some jalapeno poppers to tied me over









now for the fatties......





ingredients for fatties....not the spices......just the items laid out, and pineapple...that you dont see. i learned a few things about these that i may do differently next time.
































rolled up and ready to go. these were pretty easy....looks like ive done it







dont touch my pork!!!















and the finale........






















so, these turned out perfectly.....what ill do diff next time......will not use bfast sausage...especially with these ingredients, or similar. ill prob go with a sweet italian sausage, or something along those lines. also...prob wont use basil again for smoking. it didnt seem to hold up well inside, had almost a cooked spinach feel to it, which i dont like. also, prob wont use thick cut bacon either...didnt get as "crisp" as i wanted....and may stay away from hickory flavored bacon too...considering i was using hickory. lol


overall, i will for sure do these again. i have lots of ideas, using hamburger instead of sausage.....doing like a bacon italian sausage, and make a pizza style with toppings inside. lots of diff things.


as far as making the fatties....i was a little bit nervous about how they would look for my first time. but, i was suprised how simple it really was. putting the sausage in baggie and flattening was key. as to the seran wrap......twisting those suckers up, sealed the edges up, and didnt have a worry about them falling apart.




didnt get around to ribs this weekend. they are in freezer now, waiting for next weekend.



thanks for viewing.




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They look good. Gonna have try it myself!!!!!

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Great looking fatties!

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great are an inspiration....can't wait to try and do them myself!

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