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MasterBuilt Smoker

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I'm thinking of getting a masterbuilt smoker I would like to get info. on them I went to Smoking & More clicked on that scrolled down to smokers & clicked on electric smokers then clicked on cabinet style---they have masterbuilt --model-

20070106--30" ranked--#1-- 40" masterbuilt


Masterbuilt I saw at Sams Club  Model--#

20070810--40" the 2nd-masterbuilt smoker look the same-but have different model numbers-- whats the difference in the ranking of----1 & 2 masterbuilt--ranking----Thanks-for the help---Ken

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I believe they are going on number of units sold for their rankings... The 30" has been around longer so more have been sold...  If you want to get the Masterbuilt buy the MES 40", you won't be sorry.

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I have had my MES40 for over a month now and LOVE it. Good Luck

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Yep, the 40 w/ window & remote.

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I was over at Sam's Club yesterday they had the

MasterBuilt 40" Smoker with window & it had wheels

model # 20070810---cost was $299.86---I wanted to

give some Info. for anybody that's looking for a

  MasterBuilt---that's a good deal---I have seen them for----over---$400.00------Later---------Ken

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We just bought one the other day.  Going to smoke our first ham.  Heading over to that forum to see how to do it... LOL

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