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BUMP! Lots of new people without some sort of location in the profile.

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Update!!!!! I tracked you down Bear!!!!! HEHEHE! laugh1.gif



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Sorry I couldnt resist. biggrin.gif

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Wrong Bear.

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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

Wrong Bear.

I know, I was trying to be funny and get audience participation.

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Shoot, it got knocked offline.  Must be something though if my blockers don't like it.

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Originally Posted by meateater View Post

Update!!!!! I tracked you down Bear!!!!! HEHEHE! laugh1.gif


Have you tried here?




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I think it's BUMP time, again.   WELCOME to all the summer newbies!!  it really does help if your location is in your profile.  Cheers!

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Hello to all

For some of us newbies and I am very very new to smoking and even much more so to this forum, filling out our location is over looked by pure accident. I actually found this forum by accident while i was looking for information on something I was attempting. I filled out the very basic things they asked for and went on about my business completely forgetting to fill anything else out. Then again my memory is about as long as my pinkie toe.

I am reasonably sure that folks simply get in a rush wanting to look something up, find that all elusive golden answer to why something didn't turn out like expected and simply overlooked a few area's.

Have a great day!

And a VERY LARGE thank you to all for the wealth of knowledge that you have posted on this forum. I have to admit i thought smoking began and ended with my offset, but am the proud new owner of a MES 40" and currently working on a homemade amazin smoker (not going well so will prolly be ordering the pellet smoker).

Once again a HUGE Thank You to all.

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Thanks Tailgate!---And Welcome to SMF !!!

We know that happens a lot, and we aren't scolding those people. We're just reminding them & clueing them in on the fact that it is often much easier to help people if we know approximately where they reside.


When you get a chance, you should go to "Roll call", and introduce yourself, so we can all give you a proper welcome.




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   I'm with you Bear,I would like to lead the right way but find they won't give any info.we need.You have seen my results and know I am not bluffing.I just love what I dobiggrin.gif

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Hey, I have nothing to hide, here's where I live



























home 2.png


















Man in Window.jpg




oops, maybe I do have something to hide.

















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I am easy to find.  I am that guy in the neighborhood who is always yelling at the wind for changing direction mid-smoke and screwing with the air flow.  I am also that guy who shoots water from the garden hose into his back neighbors house through his screen door becuse his so called "watering of the plants" drenched the smoker and cooled it down.

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LOL---You're killing me SQWIB !!!


That's funny!


Me thinks you zoom in to far!!!!




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You kill me SQUIB. ROTF.gif

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Oh and I just ate lunch too!

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This needs Bumping!




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Hey Bear,


My son is up in Pa. working. The first thing I asked him was "Are you near Macungie".


Sadly he's on the western side. I know you would have liked to meet him.

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