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First Butt on 22.5 WSM w/Qview

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Well I finally got around to smoking a butt on my 22.5 WSM!! Wow!! Thanks for all the help and tips, it truly came out amazing. Everybody loved it. 


I've had the WSM a couple weeks now but I ran a couple test runs with some fatty pork belly in order to get my temps all correct, see how much fuel to use and how long it would last. Doing this also helped the smoker get nice and seasoned and my temps will run as high or as low as I need now. I know you don't need to season a WSM but I read that they tend to run hot through the first few smokes, so I thought I would use it those first few as some test runs.


I picked up a 6lb butt at the Meat Market. I rubbed it down with a rub similar to Jeff's Rub and wrapped it to chill overnight. I started the WSM using the Minion Method a full load of lump charcoal and 2 fist sized pieces of apple and 2 peach. I dropped the butt on around 10:30 AM @ 250 and it finished up at 11PM!!! The smoker ran at 250 almost constantly. (gotta love the control) I couldn't believe it took that long though. But what are you gonna do? I hit some major stalls around the 157 area and 176. I decided not to foil it and the bark came out awesome. I sprayed it a couple times with some apple juice, cayenne and Jack Daniels after I was sure the crust had set up nicely. Once it hit 200 I let it rest wrapped in foil and a towel for an hour in an ice chest. I am truly amazed how well it tasted. Great smoke ring and very juicy. Best butt I've ever tried and everyone else said the same. Next time I'll just start it earlier. Thank god we had some beers to hold us over.


Thanks for all the help. Time to buy a brisket and some ribs. 


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Gorilla that butt turned out fantastic. You hit a home run with your first smoke on your WSM...Congrats. That sammy looks excellent. Thanks for the Qview. drool.gif

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Nice !!

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ur slaw looks really good too.....gotta have that. sometimes i get more excited about slaw than


whats your recipe?



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My slaw is pretty basic. Its really just green and red cabbage mixed with my poppyseed dressing. I make the poppyseed dressing by mixing Apple cider vinegar, mayo, sugar, poppyseed and just a touch of salt. I don't really measure it. Its really easy to make it by taste. Sometimes I add pineapple to it as well.


I also finished the butt with Soflaquer's finishing sauce and served it with a little BBQ sauce I made up using Jeff's sauce recipe as a base. Jeff's sauce recipe is really good. I think I might throw it on the smoker next time and see what happens.   

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mmmmmmmmm looks good..nooo..looks GREEAATTTT!  I haven't done a but in a long time, gonna have to consider that option again soon.

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Looks really good....congrats on a great smoke with the WSM

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Yes sir you hit a homer. That's some great looking PP. Gotta love that WSM!

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Great Job!! icon14.gif

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Looks Great...

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Looks great!!


How did ya keep everything on that 90 degree angle??



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th_wsmsmile0ly.gif   Great job, looks fantastic!

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Nice job!


Yeah... I usually start my butts and briskets around 1:00 AM the night before. Once the WSM is running steady I get a couple hours of sleep - then let it ride till it is done, which is usually an hour to so before dinner time.

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Funny how the next accessory I want for my smoker is a nice camera to take sweet pics. The iphone4 just isn't cutting it.


I couldn't believe the couple of stalls I hit, those things lasted a while. I could see how that would really scare somebody into messing with stuff.


On a side note.


Has anyone seen they are starting a  new show on foodnetwork "Best in smoke?"  Looks like a elimination type show centered around real BBQ. Pretty sweet.



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Pulled pork and slaw both look great! I'll have to keep an eye out for "Best in Smoke" too. Thanks for the info!
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Yeah I hit 2 long stalls when I used the brand new WSM as well, good thing I have been Qing since a child and know about it. A couple of buddies of mine built a UDS and were smoking 2 butts for a small get together. I see them opening the lid over and over again looking at the meat because it was stalling, thankfully I went over to teach them a little something about stalls and "If your looking you ain't cooking", etc.. They had been doing that long before I got there so I never even got to try any of the pork because it was really late on a Sunday. Either way now they know and there next smoke will be much better. I also told them about this site just in case I am not around to help.


Also the best in smoke show looks fun. They don't even know what their cooking before they start. Kind of like chopped meats BBQing.

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