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Ugly Wrapped Pork Loin 4-3-11.

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Finally getting around to posting the pork loin from a couple of weeks ago.  I looked at a lot of posts on the site and decided to wrap them in bacon to keep them moist, problem not enough bacon and 1st try at a wrap, boy are they ugly, oh well.



Below is the volunteer for the day





Couple of pic's of the ugly bacon wrap, the weave looked ok on the counter until I started to roll the loin, I could

tell right away it was screwed up.








In the smoker at 220 deg






Left in MES for 3 hours, pulled at 150 deg and put on the grill.  I wanted the bacon cooked a little more and figured

it would finish to 160 over the coals.









I was very surprised at how moist the were, it does not show up in the following pictures.  Next I will bring the temps

up more before putting on the grill, other than that everyone thought they were great.













Thanks for look-in, I will make sure I have enough bacon next time BEFORE starting and will have to practice the wrap.


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Looks good from where I'm sitting! The really important part is how it tasted - and as long as you are happy with it then you have a booming success on your hands.

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It looks great to me...

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Hey, looks good from here.


And really, is there EVER enough BACON ?

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Ditto, it looks like a success to me. The bacon weave is pretty simple once you learn how. There are several tutorials on here to teach you.

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Looks like a great meal to's not how great it looks going on the's how it tastes on your plate. They look excellent sliced up to be served.icon14.gif

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Thanks eveyone, Ellymae just looked at your post today, someday I will be able to make a weave like that.  SmokinAl, funny thing my laptop was probably 10 steps away and linked to this site I was just too lazy to go look.  Oh well.




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The first time I did a bacon weave I really had to think about it - you wouldn't think it would be that hard but it had me stumped for a few minutes - once you "get it" you have it.

What I am struggling with now is how to do a butchers knot for tying up a roast or a chicken etc - that one has me befazzeled. I'll get it... eventually..

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Good lord look at the price of that puppy!  That is not a pork loin, it is a tenderloin!  Bacon weave is a tricky thing until you get the hang of it.  Cook that just a little less, and you will be in heaven!  Hang in there, you are on your way!


Good luck and good smoking.

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