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Subscription Problems

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The computer crashed on April 3, got it back on the 5th, and everything seemed OK until I started watching my E-mails.


I had been getting my 'Daily SMF' daily, until April 2, just before the 'crash'.  I don't know where to check on the computer, but I did check the blocked list, everything OK there.


My other E-mails 'seem' to be OK.  Any Ideas???


TIA Larry

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I just went into your profile and it looks like you are still set up to get a daily digest.. I am not sure what might be causing them to not show up all of a sudden. I assume your email address, ISP, etc. has not changed in any way?


If something like this has changed, let me know via a PM and I will go in and edit it for you.


I will let the folks at Huddler know what's going on and maybe they can shed some light on the problem. Hang tight and I'll report back what they tell me.

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Check your spam filter and make sure the site is not blocked or sent directly to your deleted posts.  Had a similar problem with ATT

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I got my E-Mail straightened out, and the technician reset my E-Mail settings, and downloaded 401 E-Mails!!!!!!  Most were duplicates, so easy to spot, just deleted them and now all is well.  Except it cost me $52.55!!!!!  I plan to complain to AT&T.


Thanks for the help.           Larry

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