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Sunday 4/10 pulled pork with Qview!!

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So we decided to have the parents and sister/family over for some pulled pork this past Sunday. I had an 8# pork butt for the smoke that I cut in half due to time constraints, trimmed the meat to expose the bone first:



Hacksaw time:



Two 4# butts now, after a quick rinse and pat dry:



Time for some spicy brown mustard:



My own special blend:



Rub em down!!



Into a 5 gallon ziploc bag and into the fridge to sit overnight.


My 5 month old son was helping the wifey with the potato salad, he has to start earning his keep!!



Started the smoker at 8:30am Sunday morning, used Kingsford briquettes and a mix of apple and hickory wood chunks. The smoker is a temporary Master Forge vertical charcoal smoker:



This smoker runs really hot at the beginning compared to the ECB Gourmets I have but it finally settled in around 225 after an hour with some help from the hose. LOL

Pork smoked at 225-250 degrees for 6 hours and then got foiled and put back on the smoker until she hit 195. Only have 1 pick on the finished unpulled product, you can thank Captain Morgan for that!! I was pretty surprised that I thought to even take a pic of the finished product. LOL



All in all it was a great day with family and the Capt'n.

I can't wait to get my WSM 22" smoker!!

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nice bark, was that courtesy of the captain too

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Yup, Capt'n and apple juice. :D

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  The bark does look great. How long did they stay in the foil to reach 195?

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I foiled them after 5 hours of smoking when they hit 170, took another 1.5 hours to get them up to 195.

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Looks good, great job!

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I left out the part that I also smoked some spare rib pieces I had left over and froze since my last smoke. So while the butt was still smoking we were picking on the rib ends and what not, had some left over for lunch today!


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Those pieces are really good chopped up in baked beans!

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