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Cleaning out UDS

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So how do you all clean out the bottom of your UDS?

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My son and I hold it upside down and shake it.  Or I'll use a wet vac with a ash filter installed.  Once a year I'll hose it out and scrub with simple green.  Reseason and smoke on.  So for so good.

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I just lift the coal basket out and wipe the bottom out with a paper towel to get the moisture out and dump any ash from the basket and its ready to use the next time .                                                                                                                                                            I


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The wife just got a new Dyson, with the suction it has makes me want to take it out to clean the ash from my drums and also the other smoker.

Other then that I just wait till one of the kids is in trouble and they get to clean all the smokers instead of being grounded.
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Mini shop vac myself. 

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Small collapsible shovel.

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When i looked at it before posting this which was shortly after a smoke it looked a little wet so i was not sure. When i went to clean it though it was rather dry with the ash kinda soaking up the wetness. So I just went and got a standbox shovel and that cleaned the ash and what not out good. I think after the summer ill do like suggested above and hose it out and use some green cleaner. thanks for the info.

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The bottom of my UDS can get quite a bit of water so I usually just wipe it out with a bunch of paper towels ever so often. I have thougt about using a shop vac but I didn't want to have to clean that out after I cleaned the UDS.


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Shop vac to clean the ashes. To clean the grates I throw them on the gas grill on high then wire brush them. Other than that I don't clean the inside of my drum. My drum bottom used to be the top so the moisture leaks out the bottom, no problem with the moisture collecting on the bottom.


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