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Originally Posted by Mrmeatcutter View Post

looks great!

Welcome aboard, there is a lot of knowledge in here. As for smokin Al's tip it is a great idea, I took his idea one step further last week, I had some steaks I wanted to smoke so I seasoned some bacon and put it on the rack avove the steaks, as the bacon cooked the fat drippings on the steak gave them a great flavor.

Plus you get to eat the Bacon !!!




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Nice job...icon14.gif  makes me want to fire up the smoker this weekend..

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Nice bark, wow the brisket looks good i did my first back at christmas and have done 5 more, they get better every time. i use a side box smoker and foil my brisket at 165 deg. and leave it till between 195 and 200 Keep up the good smoking.  Quint.

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Welcome to the SMF, and congrats on getting a handle on your new smoker. That brisket looks mughty tasty. As far as temps are concerned, it may depend on how you're going to serve it, pulled or sliced. It's all good my friend.

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I have started to remove the fat from my briskets and butts.........holding moisture is not a problem and I really can't notice a big difference in taste.  I have found that the water actually helps keep the temperature even more so than adding moisture, get a good brine and inject it into your meat and holding moisture will not be a problem. has been quite awhile since I have visited this site but I see it is as informational as ever.  I started smoking about 3 years ago and have been an avid smoker from day one and this forum is still the best place to get information from.  I actually am doing canadian bacon today for the first time!!

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Looks damn tasty.


Nice job !

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I could almost smell that as I was reading   mmmm Looks great

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