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Why the wait?

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Aside from making the cheese taste better, what is actually taking place with the waiting time on smoked cheese? I smoked my first cheese last night
Pepper Jack
Moz. sticks
I couldnt help myself and sampled a curd. It was like licking an ash tray. I understand that all these cheeses will be much improved after two weeks but I dont understand how or why. What chem reaction or other process is taking place during the two week rest period that makes it taste better?
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I am not a chemist nor have i tried to find out why this just does!! It takes time for the smoke to mellow out and not be so overpowering.If you find the anwser let us know!

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"Your patience will be rewarded,"


--Alton Brown

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Like Les Said, "It Works"

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Licking an Ash Tray.....Ha Ha Ha Ha  !!!!th_What_NO_QVIEW.gif

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I tried some right away after I smoked it and then waited two weeks and.............well you will find out. :)

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