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Points vs flats.... buying just the point?

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Good afternoon ladies and gents.

i just got back from wally world, where i saw a couple big packers.  16 pounders.

I didnt get one because i am set to buy a MES to hold it. my current smoker wouldnt hold that size.

Also, i saw shrink wrapped points that said "corned beef" on them.

They had a pouch of seasoning,looked like some mustard seed etc in there.

Would this "corned beef" point only be a good one to smoke for burnt ends? and most brisket?

I dont like the flat nearly as much as the point, so im interested in just getting some points.  is this a viable one with that current seasoning?

thanks in advance.


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Did you notice a lot of liquid in the pack?  If you did the product you would end up with coming off the smoker would be pastrami.  Good none the less but not smoked brisket.

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i wouldnt say a lot of liquid.  maybe ill give one a try, but im hoping to find a place to just buy pts

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A corned beef is a piece of beef that has been corned.  When you smoke it you get pastrami. It tastes awesome but it is totally different than using a plain beef point. 


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ok thank you much.

does anyone have a place that they can get just points?

my butcher shop doesnt.


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I have seen just points at Sams club if you have one near you. Call around to your local grocery stores maybe some of them carry them.

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dunginhawk, Good evening. Maybe you could buy a packer and cut it into chunks, separating the point also. You could use the thin parts for burnt ends, the thick for pulled brisket, many possibilities.

I don't know about your corned beef packs but the ones I bought said the brine was included in the price on the pack.

Just saying, that is a lot to pay for brine. 

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If it was me, I would just buy the packer and cut it yourself to point and flat. 


Then you can most likely fit the flat in your smoker, even if you had to trim a tiny bit from the small end. 


Once you seperate a couple, its a piece of cake. And the money difference is well worth it for my work of cutting them myself.

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When you smoke the be sure to get some pics of how it is going.th_wsmsmile0ly.gif


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