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Competition time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have been doing bbq cookoffs for quite a while and have done pretty well in them, but i would like to do better. I know that someone has new ideas and strategies for cooking a brisket. I have a 24" x 8' pit with a fire box on one end. I use Red Oak wood and charcoal. How do you all do a brisket? i season mine, throw it on the grill, smoke it for about six hours then wrap in foil and bring the It to around 200. What can i do better?



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When you ask "What can I do better". What is it that you don't think you have done. Is the brisket tender? Is it juicy? Does it have a good flavor? Can you taste the smoke? For competition it should have a nice smoke ring, does it? What area do you need to improve on?

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I put "cooking a brisket" in the handy dandy search toll and came up with some great reading for ya!!


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Try some different woods. Oak is fairly mild.

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maybe try twicking your rub or marinade?

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