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First Fattie Failure - sort of

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Went together well, cooked well. But I think I did not roll out the meat think enough, The Italian Sausage was 3/8, maybe a bit more thick, Filled with Roasted peppers, Mozarella, spinach, red onion. The stuffngs almost diasappeared. Nex time I go to about 1/4" thick. Tasted good but seemed like all meat. Here are the photos. So how thick should the meat generally be?


Smoked in MES40 with apple chips at 235 till inside was 165.









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Not sure how much sausage you used. Most folks use 1# and roll it out in a 1 gal baggie. We are missing the $ shot of the inside to give you any constructive advice

Looks good from the outside though 

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It looks delicious, slice that puppy open and let us peek inside.


As to if it was a failure, did you eat it? If not did you feed it to the dog, did he eat it, ...it's only a failure if the dog doesn't eat it!!!  biggrin.gif



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Well, when it was done the wife and sister were out and so I held it for an hour and then warmed it under the broiler. WHen they got home and I sliced it, the filliing was barely visable but as you can see in the photo, I put plenty in. Tastes good, but no, I have no shot of it sliced.


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Looking good from where I sit.

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looks good, curious to see how the spinach held up inside?

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Spinach almost disappeared. I had a lot on there too. Spinach does that. Start off with a pile as big as a soccer ball, end up with one the size of a golf ball.

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Looks great here...............

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That's ok, maybe next time.


I love spinach, what I do is 'wilt' it in skillet with some butter, ...that way I can get much more in.



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I usually pre-cook things a bit. Never did one of these but yes, I will roll out sausage thinner and cook items I add maybe half way.


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Looks good whole...

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I use spinach alot in my itialian fatties! Always comes out good for me? How much sausage you using?
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Bought some loose italian saisage patties from Sams. Used 5. Maybe I used too much. Tat's my thought. if they were 1/4 pound each, a pounds and a quarter. I'll try another one.


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It sure looks good from here, but a sliced pic would have let us see the inside. Like Scar said, most of us use a pound of sausage rolled out in a 1 gallon zip lock bag. Try that & it will give you an idea of the thickness you are looking for.

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OK. Reheated the part that was left and sliced it. Here is the interior shot!IMG_20110405_185159.jpg



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I would not call that a failure, looks good to me. Even if something "disappears" in the cooking process it is still there in flavor to some degree.  I say well done

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Actually it was decent. But I need to work on these. Thanks!


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Looks good to me.Looks-Great.gif


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I don't know exactly where in Eastern PA you live, but I would gladly help you rid yourself of any failures like that in the future!

It's all part of my being a nice guy!




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Thanks for the compliments! I think next time thinner sausage and more spinach. Maybe I was too touch on myself. I was expecting all these veggies and mented cheese. Will just add more! Thanks! Bethlehem, PA

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