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First fattie

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2 small packs of ground sausage

1 pack of maple bacon

1/2 pack of peppers and onion (frozen from Kroger)

about 2oz of shredded cheddar cheese

black pepper to taste


I didn't take any pics of the prep but, you guys know to do that. I didn't take any pics of the end result because I was to drunk and forgot :)


smoked of 2 hours straight then just let it sit on the grill let the fire burn out for another 1-2 hours






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Sounds good, too bad you didn't get any pics. This is what we say around here.



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sounds tasty! congrats on a successful fattie!

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Looks like the qview did show up - congrats on the fattie

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th_nopicsye3.giflive and learn. look forward to the next one.

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Lots of fatty q's this week will have to do one my self.pot.gif


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