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Robotic Lie Detector

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A man buys a robot with a built-in lie detector which slaps people when they lie.


When it arrives at his door, he un-packs it, preps it per the instructions and decides to test it out at the dinner table.


He asks his son: where were you during school hours today?


His son replies: at school.


The robot slaps his son.


OK, I was at the movies!


His father, now very interested and intrigued by his new "toy", asks: which one?


His son replies: Toy Story.


Smack, goes the robot again.


OK, OK, it was called a Day with a Porn Star.


Dad says: WHAT??? When I was your age, I didn't even know what porn was.


The robot slaps Dad.


Meanwhile, Mom is getting into these new devopments and blurts out: HA-HA!!! After all, he is your son!


The robot slaps Mom.


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LOL----That's a beauty!



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Gotta laugh at that one!!!

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Priceless!!!!  Mind if I pass that one along?!?!



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Originally Posted by LMcI View Post

Priceless!!!!  Mind if I pass that one along?!?!



By all means, feel free, Larry. My wife and I about lost our cookies reading this one!





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Good one - gonna tell it later

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Ouch..... LOL..... good one!

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