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A diamond in the rough :-)

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Hello to my new family of crazies !! LOL


With only 10 posts, this is my first ever thread. Can we say rookie ?


I'm not a welder but have access to equipment ( I sooooo want to learn thanks to the many great works I've seen so far).

That being said I like to build with wood.


Here is my idea and love to hear from ya'll:

I took the wood stove out of my ice hut and got a barrel. I have 7" elbows and pipe from the hut, but the hidden flue is 6", so I'm thinking of raising the barrel and using 6" pipe from the woodstove to the barrel.


The chimney would be on the same side (use my 7" and I'm thinking reverse flow).


The black pipe holding the barrel is doing just that.

  • I'd like to build a wood base with fireboard as floor (big enough to support wood stove and barrel),
  • Build a support (posts and saddle) to hold the barrel where the black pipe is.
  • Put wheels so it become a mobile unit


I used the spread sheet for calculations and with the size of wood stove, barrel, pipes I have - it'll work. I just have to work on inside plate to make it a reverse (should it be?) and of course make grill for cooking.  




I know I'll have to wash inside, give it a burn etc but I'd like to get some design ideas. I figure I need to spend about $50 for wood then move on to welding and final fabrication.


Thanks in advance


Dave in Ottawa



This photo was taken at the cottage where .... the snow is quickly melting LOL

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That is going to be an impressive build they way you describe it. Good luck

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Looks like your off to a good start and I an not trying to rain on your parade but I have built grills using 55 gal drums


grill 041.1.jpg


grill 045.jpg


and they are great but if you plan on making a reverse smoker and put that much time, effort and money into it I would look for another chamber. Something with a little more thickness for durabuility and heat retention. Over a few years your 55 gal drum will start to rust on the bottom. I replaced the one on my deck twice in the last 8 yrs and its ready again. If you just wanted to throw something together and make a smoker not using alot of cash then I would go ahead with your build but I would try to keep the cost down and not put it on a trailer............


Save the drum for a uds............. dont let it go to waste


Just my 2 cents worth

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Thanks for the input Scar!


The wood frame is low cost but I did not know about the barrel rusting out - something to consider ! I won't be building for a month or so - this will give me time to figure things out.


I was at scrap yard and saw Chrome? shelves that you's see in a store. I was thinking this would make for a nice grill - can you use chrome (plated)?


I luv your set-up I recently got a truck - so this would be fabulous !! Time to het another barrel. How do you hook it up?



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Interesting design and I agree with boykjo about the barrel.


I also have a question, Are you expecting a lot of snow is that the reason for the sled runners?   I you pointed them the other way you could always name the smoker Startrek Enterprise...  icon_mrgreen.gif

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Can't wait to see how this one turns out!

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Look up big baby smoker on here and google it too. Their are some good photos on flicker too, i think.Same ideal different exacution.I here you on the welding, i haven't welded since shop class in H.S .Have done allot of braising at work but that's using 5%to15% 45%silver rods .  But  the price of a good reverse flow vertical  is so high .I think i could buy a welder and parts and make it myself  and still come out cheaper and have a new welder to boot.Price a backwood$ sweet but too darn rich for me.goodluck.gif

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I never thought about skis and I love Star Trek - so that is possible LOL

Mind you I think I'll paint my Ottawa Senators logo, even if they will be BBQ'ing and golfing way too early this year



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Look forward to seeing this build. sounds interesting. I agree with not putting the time and money to RF the barrell. BUt I love the skis!!!!

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I agree, it looks like it could be interesting. 


I like the thought process, LOL, I always use southern pride as my basis when I talk to the wife. That way I have more room for a nice welder or other cool toy. 

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I look forward to starting the build - I have to laugh though - I was puttiing out the garbage and noticed someone threw out a bed frame. I figured I could use this metal to frame in "something" so in the back of the truck it went hhaahahaha


Early May I start my build ! I'll do the wood base, mofify the wood stove/heat box and cut into the barrel and burn. Then I'll have to bring everything into the city to weld.



I started learning how to use rubs/mops/wood chips in my little BBQ. before my big venture ... 

  • I took a 2-egg cast iron frying pan which I filled with wet chips and put over flame, low
  • I put my pork strip on the other side (not-lit side)
  • Second 2-egg pan for mushrooms, 
  • Tin foiled onions, peppers,


Ummmmm I don't have a working thermometer so I have been cooking unscientifically and just watching/learning


Flip and mopped every 20 minutes for 3 1/2 hours and used techniques I learned here.


Wow ! The pork was juicy, I had a nice spicy rub/crust and noticed the taste of smoke. Step-son freaked he was impressed also.


Left overs in a sandwhich the next day was a great remnder to START ON MY BUILD !!


Thanks again


Dave in Ottawa

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