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Well I never  thought when I joined this forum that I would have this many posts. I guess I need to get a life LOL  

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We're not worthy!  We're not worthy!  OTBS#218 Rules!77.gif

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Congratulations on the 5K mark...2thumbs.gif

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very nice gary!

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congrats on 5K 77.gif

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Good thing your not addicted or anything..... rolleyes.gif


Grats! Many a good post from a great guy! biggrin.gif

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I just hit 3K on my fishing web site after 5 years...


Thousands of posts it is a big deal.


And from what I have read, you have creative and relevant ideas and info to share.


Thanks and congratulations.


I look forward to learning more and eventually sharing advice instead of asking basic questions.

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Nice  Gary!!




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Way to go Scar! Between smoking & posting, there's not much time for anything else is there!  thumb1.gif

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that is a lot of information you have dished out....

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Congrats Gary---And those posts were great posts too!!!


I know you taught me a lot!



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It only gets better, Gary. It's all good my friend,

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Thanks to all of you for the kind words.  I have enjoyed my time here and have made some great friends in the process.  This is what makes this fun

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I was going to suggest a cake, but 5,000 candles is out of the question, congrats.

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5,000...Nice! Way to go buddy, we don't have a kinder (or funnier) member around!

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I thought the same thing when i hit 1,000 posts!!!! Don't know what i'm going to do when i hit 5,000!!!!LOL

But we have enjoyed all of them!!!

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