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Climbing Mt. Pastrami!!

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So I forgot to post my finished pastrami pictures from when I fired up my smoker for the first time in two months last Thursday. So here are the slicing pics - rub was a mix of black pepper and Old Bay, best pastrami yet!


(kids took the pictures)








And here is the mountain of pastrami.... about half of the pastrami in this stack.



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Looks delicious Johnny! Seems like everybody is making pastrami these days. Next time you gotta try it from scratch, it has an even better flavor.

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Looks Great Johnny, You're making me hungry...

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Good looking pastrami,  Johnny!  I'm all for some of that.  Never tried making my own, but I will now.drool.gif


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Great to see you back in action my friend. Good looking Pastrami

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Looks Awesome!. I have four in the freezer that I can't wait to smoke.

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Looks great and being from Maryland anything with Old Bay is even better!

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I was in my local resteraunt supply the other day and saw they had a corned full packer brisket........ hmmmmm a 15 lb. pastrami....... drool.gif

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looks great J! All this pastrami's making me want to get off my but & smoke one.

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You Still Got It !!!!


Thanks for the great views!




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