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Poll Results: Where do you buy groceries

Poll expired: Dec 22, 2013  
  • 9% (2)
    Locally owned store
  • 0% (0)
    Locally owned but only because of that's my only option
  • 59% (13)
    Regional Grocery Store Chain
  • 31% (7)
    Big Box Store (Wal Mart, Target, etc) BECAUSE OF PRICE
  • 0% (0)
    Big Box Store (Wal Mart, Target, etc) BECAUSE OF QUALITY (I'd leave if the product wasn't good)
22 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by Baboy View Post


I will agree with the quality of Penzeys, they are opening up a new one just down the street from us, no need to drive across town.

every thing I've gotten from them, via a Christmas gift and ordered myself, has been great so I'll agree with Baboy

they have a store across the river in Omaha I'll have to go check out soon




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I too enjoy Penzey's spices they are definatly quality...

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Over 2 hours away, but whenever I'm near, I make a side trip to Penzy's, like there stuff.

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Can't comment on the spices, we split our groceries as follows:

  • Winco Foods - 60% (most everything except fruit and some veggies, and some meats)
  • Safeway - 10% (mostly on sale meats and a few veg.)
  • Fred Meyers (part of Krogers) - 10% (mostly fruit and a few veg.)
  • Costco - 20% (milk, eggs, and a variety of other stuff depending on coupon specials)
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I mail order all my spices from Penzeys.  Have for three years now.  no store down here yet!

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Dude, you will have to check out B&B Grocery, Its on 6th St just north of Indianola Ave in DSM. A word of caution though he will trim alot off a brisket if you don't tell him not to. He is friendly, remembers who his customers are, and on top of all that he serves one hell of a Deli sandwich. He buys all his beef whole carcass so you know who's hands have been on that animal and is very passionate about his job.

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We shop the sales .

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