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Jonesin for another build

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Man I got the itch bad to do another build.  Got Lil' Piggy running a cold smoke this afternoon and I've been thinking a lot about how much I enjoyed building her.  I'm halfway planning a mini build with some small tanks I have in the shed, but that's more of a novelty than anything.  I'd really like to build something along the lines of a 60 gallon RF with a vertical warming cabinet that I could sell.  Spent the last few days viewing old build threads but I sure can't wait for warmer weather so we can get some more new build threads going here.  

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I feel your pain. I love watching the builds as they come along. I enjoyed building mine so much I've agreed to build two for friends of mine. Much smaller scale but still should be fun.77.gif

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I know the feeling. I am thinking about doing some more mods to mine or starting a new one.


Had alot of fun building mine.

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Ditto I'm looking to build one from a whiskey barrel, If I can find one...keep us posted.

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Originally Posted by KCbluesNbbq View Post

I know the feeling. I am thinking about doing some more mods to mine or starting a new one.


Had alot of fun building mine.

Hey man, I have a 300 gallon bulk storage tank sitting out back looking for a home. And also the trailer I had my smoker on before I started the mega build.



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Hey Tom, looks like I will be working on something for one of my team mates, so I won't be doing anything for myself for a while.


He picked up a large commercial stainless smoker for scrap. He plugged it in and the rotisserie worked.


Looks like we will be adding a fire box and a trailer to this.


Have not seen it yet, so no plans on what exactly we will be doing to it.


I will post the remodel on hear for every ones viewing pleasure.


Should be able to see it this weekend and maybe get started on it the next week.

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Thats awesome man, nothing like a good build.


I get to start working on my tow rig for my trailer starting tomorrow. Kinda did things backwards and built the trailer first. 


Didn't mean to get off topic here.

Turn4fun, shoot me a pm if your interested, I have a single axle trailer, a 300 gal tank, and also a square fuel tank that would make the starts of a really great insulated firebox. 

I'm talkin crazy cheep man, I gotta get some of this stuff outta here so I can build on my truck. 

I am entertaining all offers, I would much rather see it go to a fellow smoker here on the board then a stranger. 


I also have a RF thats just to the point where the firebox is welded to the cook chamber. 



LMAO....Watch out man,.,,,,,,the wife may come running out and give ya a big hug if she see's ya loading up stuff to take away. 

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Sounds like the making of a great smoker.
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Finaly got a chance to see the stainless commercial smoker. Will have to make it a rear entry reverse flow.
It measures 62 long, 39 tall, and 38 deep. Insulated everywhere but the bottom.
Ran it through the calculator and need a fire box that is 24 wide, 30 tall, 40 or so long, with 4 outlets at 6 x 10 to cook chamber.
Sounds a little big on the outlets.
I was thinking about dampers in the outlets just in case.

Will start a new thread when we get started on this thing.
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