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First Roast

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0324011056[1].jpg0324011526[1].jpg0324011526[1].jpgI bought this roast to make jerky and since that never happened thought I would smoke it. The lable said it was a top round but who knows. I got it at Wally World...Rub it with Jeffs rub and more garlic. pepper and onion power. Let it rest in the frig overnight then smoked it at 235 to 250 . I was going to take it to 140* but fell asleep at the wheel  0324011913[1].jpgand did not set my alarm so I took it to 150* instead. Rapped it up in foil and let it rest for 2 hours and I tasted pretty  good...Thanks for looking...Those are JV Brats on the plate...0322010419[1].jpg0322010555[1].jpg

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Boy I screwed that up....

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Looks good icon14.gif

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Looks good, not as rare as I'm sure you wanted, but I'm sure it was tasty!

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Looks Good to me...

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Thanks guys ! I just have to figure out how to post it the right way...

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