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Well it looks good from here. With that bad foot where did you find room to stand with the smoker so close to the pool? Let us know how it came out

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It was a little hard to pull but I got it, and well worth the wait it was! Great call on the finishing sauce by Soflaquer, really enjoyed that. Im full but I think I might just have to make another sandwich, either way my stomach is well pleased. Thanks everyone for watching and commenting!!! icon_razz.gif



This one looks GREAT !


Don't you hate that !

You're full, and you know you're full, but it tastes so damn good, ya just gotta eat a "Little" more!!!





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thanks scarbelly, and ya it wasn't the most convenient spot to smoke from but I needed the smoker within range of the wireless thermometer inside the house and if I moved it back any farther smoke would have come up underneath the back porch instead of out through the screen.


Thanks Bear, I suppose that's when you know its good huh. I did hold off for the night but in the morning I found that I better get eating or my dad would have no problem finishing the rest for me!




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Very nice! looks yummy this time good job

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Looking real nice!!



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