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Pork Chops

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made some pork chops tonight, that was a learning experience, fired up the pit while I was marinating the chops, soaked some mesquite wood, got the temp up to about 240 degrees and put the chops on the firebox side. After about 10 minutes added the mesquite. I watched my temps to make sure they did not jump around after about 90 minutes I opened up the pit to have a peek. They looked awesome on top, bottom was a different story, charred them up pretty good.


They were done no question about it, the flavor was great! When I do this again I will be putting them further away from the fire on a top rack and will try wrapping them in foil after about 30 minutes.


pork chops.jpg

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looks good to me, is that onion i see on those?

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yes I topped them with sliced onions when I put them on.

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That is some great looking grub you have there.. Bet it was tasty nice jobicon14.gif

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Nice job on those pc's. I wouldnt worry about the char. Most of the time that stuff is down right goodness.......


Oh .........and nice rig on your profile picture

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Nice looking pork chops...

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They sure look good from here.

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