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pig roasting question?

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Okay guys..... I am pretty much the queen of my BBQ. I am however a little lost, I have never hosted a pig roast before. I have a 50lb dressed pig coming in a few days and we are cooking it by  charcoal rotisserie. So my question is how long to keep this little piggy on the spit for. Just wanna know when I should start it. I have 45 people coming to the house and don't want them to wait to long..(or they will all have had to many "fun" drinks that they will not want to eat anymore)...LOL


by the way it happens to be this saturday the 26th and here in southern On Canada we just got hit with a snow again...;)



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Well first off Ann welcome to SMF. I have never done a pig on a spit before but you will find some folks here that have. I'm sure that they will be here soon enough. Now there are quite a few women smokers/grillers here that are really good. There's even one that if she posted that she cooked a shoe I would have to go look how she made it taste good because she can make a shoe taste good too. Her name is Jeanie and goes by CowGirl here.

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We have a great search tool here and the Wikis have lots of info!!

 I put "pig on a spit" in our handy dandy search tool and found some intersting reading for you!


Have a great day!!




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You must have a huge spit for sure, cause a 50 dressed is a big fella........kinda like askin whats its gonna be like outside tomorrow, I couldnt fit a 50 on Mine but a 35 takes about 4.5hrs on charcoal and covered, have Your local bakery bbq it for U and wait for the nicer weather in the summer for a roast, low and slow,  whenever cookin any protein, make sure its done to avoid any problems..........I'm guessin its a spit?????  Good luck with the party

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Welcome to SMF! 

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Welcome to SMF and were glad to have you aboard so join in and share your experiences, have some fun and don’t forget to post our favorite.


The Qveiw


I have cooked several pigs around the 70 to 80 lb mark. Temps should be  between 225 to 250 for 7 to 8hrs. A 50 lb pig should be around 6hrs. Its ok to finish early in case you run into problems. Most I see is the cooker unattended and the burner going out. Give youself an extra hr  start timeand  if you get done early keep the cooker on low to keep warm.


Is this going to be a true pig picking?  Were famous for it here in NC. Pull the meat right off the hog and onto the plate, we do pull some off the shoulder and chop it for carolina bbq


Dont forget to post some qveiw and when you clean up and have only the skin left, dont throw it away. crank that bad boy up to 325-350 and throw the skin on the grate and make some cracklin. Man thats some of the best part of the pig.........


Good luck



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