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Landjaeger PT3

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I'm really getting into this dry cure sausage stuff.


Going to do 5 lbs today.


Got my cure going.




My mix for 5 lbs of meat.




Dont have no time for grinding today so i have store bought 90/10 GB and some fresh pork.




The little mom N pop store i go to has salted natural casings for $7.30 a container. Enough in her to stuff 50lbs. Except this batch i'm going to stuff another way.




I have all my components to get my garage fridge into a dry cure cabinet, Maybe do that this weekend.

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Here he goes again !!!!!




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I called a friend of mine who does large amounts of dry cure sausage and said.


Hey i dont want to use natural casings, I want to use collagen and will i get the same affect as my other LJ?


He said sure because collagen is animal protein.


Cool Beans


So i took some 19mm collagen, stuffed loose so they dont bust under the weight.




Loaded all my flat trays.








Got some weight on this batch.



And kept on stuffing.




And weighting





Into the garage fridge they went. Wanted to smoke tomorrow but was told we are heading to Lancaster County.....

Oh well aint gunna hurt em.


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Good to see the old "concrete block method" return to SMF!!!


  Have a great day!!



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I cant wait for prt4................

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Now they look yummy. so I have to check back in to see the rest.

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Looking Great as usual, NEPAS!


Better order some more Carolina BBQ Sauce---Looks like your last 4 gallons!




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With 3 kids on post at FT BRAGG I can go right to the source to get my CTIMG_0311.jpg





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 OK. I’ll admit it, I know very little about sausage making and even less about landjaeger.

There I said it.  icon_redface.gif

I’ve been following your post for some time and my curiosity has gotten the best of me.  

I found your landjaeger press interesting, but time consuming. (Hey, I already said I don’t know squat)     th_dunno-1[1].gif

Why do you need to use a press and/or weights to make landjaeger?   

Is this something that is landjaeger specific, or is it also used in other sausage making?

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Good question Arnie, I'd like to know as well.

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LOL---I'm waiting for more reasons too.


I said they don't roll off my truck dash while going up a steep hill, as easy as round ones.


And NEPAS said they fit in his pocket better than the round ones.


NEPAS-----Got anything else?   biggrin.gif




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From what i understand. Hunters in Germany made them flat so they could get more in their pockets and packs. But hey what do i know i just make ema nd eat em...HA


Got home late so i took the Landjaegrs from the press and put them on the sticks.






Going to leave them in the smoke all night, no heat or smoke. Will smoke in the morning.




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Got the smoke rolling early this morning.



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Doing the one rack in my MAK with hickory and on the smoke setting.



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Good golly Miss Molly! Do you do anything, but make sausage. You must have as many freezers as you do smokers! As always it looks great, Nepas!

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Good golly Miss Molly! Do you do anything, but make sausage. You must have as many freezers as you do smokers! As always it looks great, Nepas!

I do BBQ also, butts, briskits, chicken and such. Jerky, cheese.


Oh and sausage. Summer, bologna, sticks



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Did i mention Summer Sausage sausage.gif



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Started the LJ around 8am


Put to hang and cool at 8pm



50 mins later. Hanging with humidity for a 3-5 days.


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Hey Nepa, I like the look of this batch....nice and flat. that's the way the one german butcher shop around here makes them.

Nice work as always!


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My wife said to me this morning before she went to work.


How long do those need to be hanging in there?


I thought you were building something for this?




So i took em down.





Cut one open....Yeah they are ready for vac bags and NOLA










Shelf stable no fridge needed.




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