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MES 40 Arrives Monday.

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New member here. Have a Char Griller and a WSM but looking for an easier way out for some quick meals and so I am trying this. I am sure the food from the others will be better, but if this cooks close to what they do with less trouble and tending, I am going to be pleased, Went with the SAMS deal for $299.


Will see about the wonderful world of Electric smokers..


Seems like a neat forum.


Dan M

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 The MES 40" will put out some great smoked grub.

 The ease of set it and add chips once an hour is nice. You can smoke anything on the mes that anyone else can do on a wood / coal pit .


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That smoker is going to suprise you..






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Hey dan, First off welcome to SMF and were glad to have you aboard so join in and share your experiences, have some fun and don’t forget to post our favorite.

The Qveiw


I suggest you swing over to role call and introduce yourself so we can get to know you better





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Welcome again Dan!

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Got it on schedule. My wife is usually pretty unimpressed with my bbq toys but was impressed with this!


First impression was it was a pretty neat looking box. Second, excellent packing. Easy assembly, good instructions. Better quality than I expected.Ordered the "20070810" from Sams and got the 20070211. I guess that is what they ship. Has the remote. Reading about half trays and chip boxes and full trays, etc, mods but will not tamper with anything till I use it. Got to get a cover. Reading about ones at Lowes or Home Depot for $10, but is the MES cover decent quality? $40 is a bit much when I think I paid $50 for one 3 times larger for my grill! Anyway, so far, so good!


Weekend smells like ribs.


Dan M

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Don't forget the Qview for the weekend ribs!

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congrats on smoker can't wait to see the Qview from it..icon14.gif

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Well, 35 degrees out, put the MES 40 on the deck,  sprayed on a bit of canole and wiped the walls and door metal. Stuk my Pyres digital thermometer to about the middle through the vents. Up to 275 and they thermometers are in total agreement. let it go about 90 minutes and put in a cup of wet chips. no smoke. Pulled the chipt reay out about 1/2" and got some smoke. Weird. IMpressed with the maintaining of the temps and accuracy in this cold. Saturday will do some cooking.



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 let it go about 90 minutes and put in a cup of wet chips. no smoke.


Many MES users will suggest that it is not necessary or beneficial to wet the chips. It only delays the start of the smoke.  Some MES units with the the "small" wood tray have had problems and users have obtained replacement "large" wood tray kits from Masterbuilt that solved the problem. Another fix is to modify the existing "small" wood tray as described in the below linked mod. I did the latter and it helped a lot, allthough I use the AMNS most of the time now.

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I agree, dry chips, or better yet AMNS.

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i got the retro kit on the way but I will try dry chips for tomorrow. Will be getting the amzn thing too, but to not want to have to deal with that for smaller smokes. Thanks!

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Congrats on the New Smoker and Welcome to SMF


Once you get an AMNS you will find yourself using it on all smokes... Large or Small...

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