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Need quick advice

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So I threw a 2.3lb pork sirloin on about 4 hours ago thinking it wouldn't need anywhere near that much time to cook.  It is at 142 right now.  When is it safe to take off if I'm just slicing anyways?  It is wrapped in foil with some apple juice and sitting on my smoker at 250 right now.  Need advice because my baby is hungry! =)

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pfalor, take it above 145 for the safe zonebiggrin.gifhowever if I were slicing it I would jerk it off right now and let it rest at room temp.,slice and if you saved the drippings,a couple of biscuits would make me a meal.drool.gif,Oh and welcome1.gifto SMF.

Now go take some shots of that thingicon_arrow.gifth_What_NO_QVIEW.gif

Have fun and;

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160* minimum temp for fresh pork is medium/well and safe for will be slightly pink and that's normal...170* for well done.


Foiling will speed things up after the smoke, so that will help you with times. I don't use the 1.5 hr/lb guideline...I plan on closer to 2-2.25.


Make sure your meat therm is accurate, and if in doubt, go for well done. To do a quick check on the therm, do a boil test. 212* at sea-level for rapid boil, and reduce the temp by approx. 1.25*F (if I recall correctly) per 1,000 feet above sea-level elevation.


Just ride it out...low and slow is done when it's done...(you probably didn't want me to write that).



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Alrighty - at 156 now after some resting off the smoker.  Once I unwrap the foil, I'll take some pics =)

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Turned out incredible.  Pulled it off at 151 and it rose to 156 while it rested for a half hour.  Super moist and tasty!  Thanks for the advice.




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Looks excellent, nice & juicy! Great job!

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