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I Had To

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I just had to cut into a Landjaeger.


So i took the one on the string to my neighbors.



And we cut into it.



The wait is paying off.


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Get me a beer, I think it's snack time!

Looks great as always, Nepas!

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Nice Looking Sausage NEPAS...

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Yup---That's what it should look like!


Yours has to be soooo much better than the ones in the jars on the bars.





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That does look excellent Man . Nice job


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Looks tasty!!! That is some happy hour right there.drool.gif

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Did you by  chance post the recipe for that Nepas?

if so I missed it, or my friend Jim Beam did.

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Delicious looking!



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You said they need to hang 4-6 days on the 13th. Looks like you made it. Looks good as always nepas.....

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Wow great looking landjaeger...what a lucky neighbor..hope he supplied the Beer...icon14.gif

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