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did my first ham

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well i finally did it. i took my masterforge out the other day  sealed it yesterday and today did my first ham.

i looked up what you did and i tryed myself. had a 5lb ham put it in at 250 for 4 hours had some potatoes with evoo and sea salt and it was really good. i didnt add a glaze till like 30 minutes before it came out. the potatoes were just simply great.

if any of u guys have any recomondations for my further ham smoking i would gladly love to read them.

 thanks guys

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SOUNDS really good but....???th_What_NO_QVIEW.gif

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th_nopicsye3.gif, But sure sounds good.........thumb1.gif

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wazzapp.gifth_What_NO_QVIEW.gifBet it was tasty..icon14.gif

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Don't know aboput anyone else but I get the cheap-o ham shanks from Wally World. Inject them with apple juice,brown sugar, honey. Then rub on a little honey and brown sugar and cook til 165 and they are tasty. Sometimes inject with creole butter or praline. The left over pieces are great for soups or beans.

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im not to up to date on uploading my pix, but after reading your comments i will get on the pix as soon as i can LOL

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